Mandarin Museum, 9 am – 4 pm
March 16

In March, the Florida Department of State sponsors March of Museums, an initiative celebrating the variety and versatility of museums and the important services they provide to our communities.

This year Mandarin Museum is proud to participate by recognizing the 155th anniversary of the sinking of the Maple Leaf, a Civil War Union troop transport – and now a National Historic Landmark – which still lies in the muddy bottom of the St. Johns at Mandarin Point.

On March 16, Dr. Keith Holland and divers from the St. Johns Archaeological Expeditions will be present from 9 am – 4 pm to discuss the diving operation and recovery of artifacts from the ship during the 1990s. There are about 70 artifacts on display at the museum, as well as a variety of other objects related to the ship. Dr. Holland will also be showing some rare footage (recently digitized) of the actual diving operations.

In addition, a full Union camp will be set up in front of the museum by “In Search of Valor – A Living History Experience,” with Civil War tents, uniforms, flags, equipment and encampment displays. Folks who are interested in becoming Civil War reenactors can obtain information at this camp as well.

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