African American cemeteries hold tremendous importance. They serve as a connection to ancestry, culture, and memory. Two African American historical cemeteries are in Mandarin.

Lofton Cemetery

Located on Westberry Rd, Lofton Cemetery’s deed is dated 1899. The cemetery inters military veterans, including a Purple Heart recipient. Two acres of land for the cemetery were deeded to the trustees of the African American churches of Mandarin, including Mt. Zion AME Church (later Philip R Cousin), First Missionary Baptist Church (later Hopewell Church), and Methodist Episcopal Church (known as Mt Pleasant AME Church). According to the deed, the two acres were comprised of a parcel of land and an adjoining lot known as the “Old Graveyard Lot,” indicating the existence of a cemetery prior to 1899. Due to age and minimized regulations early on, there are numerous unmarked graves and weathered headstones.

Julington Baptist Cemetery

Located on Lamar Shaw Road, at Julington Creek Road in Duval County, this cemetery contains about 5 acres and about 80 readable markers, with many others that are not readable. Several veterans are interred at the cemetery. The earliest death dates are 1919.